technology Hey there, ho there – with the current mini-meme of online office app’s getting a bit more attention, I thought I’d give ’em another go.  That is, I have used all the major ones in the past year and a half, but have mostly come back to Microsoft Office.

Of course, I truly need MS Office Pro – my clients need documents in Word, drawings in Visio, sheets in Excel, projects in Project, you get the point.  So I can’t get rid of Office anytime soon.

However, I can move my needs to the web.  This is nothing new as I’ve done this before, and will continue to look at both online & offline solutions for the tasks at hand.  What’s interesting is that, most of my existing data is already online.  Either in Zoho or Google Docs, I’ve already migrated my “old” data to either one of these services.

Now, some of these posts today talk about the numbers of users, and how these must be an example of the lack of interest by the user community.  While it may be true in many instances, my belief is that the applications are just now becoming really comparable to desktop-based solutions.  I do think that there is a big future for online app’s, and as more tools like Adobe AIR and Microsoft Silverlight are incorporated, there is very little limit to the things that can be done as a service.

The pieces are already in place, I’m switching back to online app’s instead of Office for my personal use.  With the advent of things like Zoho Notebook – even my need of Microsoft OneNote can be addressed.

How about you?  Do you use online app’s on a regular basis, just dabble, or avoid these like the plague?

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