Ok, thought I’d give a quick update on where I’m at using OneNote as a blogging tool, and I’ll try to keep it short.


So I was able to follow Chris Pratley’s workaround (look at the bottom of the post) to get blogging through Word to work. And it does! Here are the steps I do have to go thru:

  • Simply highlight what you want to post, right-click and select “Blog This”. OneNote then shoots the selection over to Word and uses the blog template that ships with Beta2.
  • Edit the post if needed, and then I publish the post as a draft to my blog.
  • Once the draft post is on my blog, I can log in and make sure the formatting is correct, select the categories I want for the post, and add the Technorati tags.
  • Finally I correct the date for the post since Word currently generates an incorrect date.
  • Publish post
So that’s it! Yes there are a few steps to the process, but being able to use OneNote as the creation tool is simply incredible.

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