That is the makeup of my tasks this week.  While I’m pretty much caught up on my email, I do have a large backlog of feeds that I need to parse through and read.  Luckily Google Reader makes that easy.

As for the rest of the week, I’ve got a lot of work in the research and planning phases that will help me find and meet with new clients.  I’ve got a number of ideas and will pursue them along with some good old-fashioned in-person networking.

A few things that are tripping me up this week are my phone and those little config details on my new laptop.  My phone has been kind of goofy every since I got back from Florida last month, but it really is acting strange in the past week.  I can’t seem to get everything to sync in Vista yet (though I have had it work in the past) and the alarms do not go off when they are supposed to.  A little later today I’ll try re-flashing the firmware to see if I can weed out the bad apples on the darn thing.

Also, even though a person gets all the major applications, utilities, plugins, bookmarks and other such items set up on a new computer, there always seems to be some last little things.  I seem to find that I’m missing little bits of productivity every 30 minutes or so, just because of a forgotten config, tool, bookmark and so on.

Other than that, it’s been a productive 1st half of the week, can’t wait to meet with a few other people that I want to connect with and see what happens from there.

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