I’ve just got to pipe up on this one.  From what I understand of the laws and constitution, this is fully within the realm of the government’s ability and responsibility.  To fully protect the citizens of the United States, this activity by the NSA is well within the limits of constitutional law.

The simple point I have with this is that we need this data mined to track down ALL terrorists, regardless of race, religion, or persuasion.

To maintain the safety and integrity of this country (and the world), we need to track down and dispatch groups that would otherwise flourish on the carnage and chaos that they cause.  This needs to be done before events like 9/11, the Tokyo & London bombings, and the current activity in Lebanon take place.

While I understand the intention of this Judge and the ACLU, this action should only be taken by congress, where everyone in the country is represented, not by the judiciary.  Wrong place for this action.

For those who disagree with my position – that’s fine.  In fact I’m glad that you have an opinion!  Let’s debate this in the proper theater (congress) instead of a side-show circus that the ACLU usually attempts.

You have to fight fire with fire.

That’s my motto.

Link to NSA’s warrantless wiretapping program halted by judge – The Wireless Report

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