I’ve got to apologize to anyone who has seen some odd behavior on my blog in the last 24 hours. I’ve installed the no-www plug-in that Matt talked about a few days ago. For more info go to www. Is deprecated.

It seems to work good at what it was designed to do, redirect any www request to the root domain. For example, if you entered http://www.rickmahn.com into your browser, the site would redirect you to http://rickmahn.com automagically.

This is cool for me as I want to just direct people to RickMahn.com rather typing out a full URL all the time, or describing www… as we have for years.

The problem of course is that all my stats are funky for the last 24 hours because they are trying to track hits on www.rickmahn.com instead of rickmahn.com. And, the RSS feed was tripped up as well, trying to pull updates from the wrong sub domain.

The good news is that it was a quick fix for all of these self-induced problems, and I hope it did not interfere too much!

If anyone runs across any issues – please don’t hesitate to comment on this post, and I’ll jump on it right away.

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