Grasshoppers Network I’ve had this great experience over the last few days, networking and meeting dozens of people in Chris Brogan’s Grasshoppers group.  An amazing social networking group that started life as a Facebook group, attracting somewhere in the neighborhood of 700 members in about  72 hours (someone correct me if I’m off on that).

The main concept of Grasshoppers is that it really has no structure and is only there to help each other.  Got a question, toss it to the group.  Need to find a talented PHP coder – ask the group.  Need help finding equipment to donate for a good cause – ask the group.  Grasshoppers is meant to be a dynamic association to help with just about anything, anywhere.  Interesting group!

Recently Chris has created a Grasshoppers social network for the group over on Ning, and while we’re sure to loose some members in the transition, people really interested will make the jump.  Some (even notable bloggers) have possibly mistaken the move as an intent to spread the Grasshoppers group to as many platforms as possible.  That’s furthest from the realities.  As a group of people, not a function of software, the group needed more options to get at the information the group is creating, and Facebook doesn’t account for that very well.  At least not yet.

If you interested in a networking group that doesn’t place demands on your time, respects your skills, and participation level, then check out the Grasshoppers group.  It’s also a great way to add contacts and extend your networking as well.

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