blogging Ok, yes this topic was tossed around a few days ago, and I only found the discussion yesterday.  A lifestream is simply a page that aggregates your online works, be they blog posts, videos, pictures, comments, Facebook statuses, etc…

The ability to have one place where all your online contributions to “the great conversation” are kept in chronological order.  Basically like a “river of news” format pioneered by Dave Winer.

Since a number of people, including Twitter budz Josh Bancroft (who started the idea), Dan York and Steve Rubel, have created one – I thought I’d play the follower here and give it a try.  Using Tumblr, much as the rest have, I created my lifestream blog in about 5 minutes.  Drop dead easy.  An additional 15 minutes and I had set up to take you there.

One of the streams I want to add is my coComment feed.  coComment is a comment tracking service, and does a pretty good job of it.  The only problem is that the feed includes comments by other people who’ve commented on the same post.  There is probably a way to disable that, or filter the other comments out – but I didn’t find it in the 5 minutes I allotted myself.

At any rate, I think that the lifestream idea has real value for anyone who is interested in what your perspectives are, or following you online.  Below I’ve included some other bloggers that have commented on the idea or have created their own lifestream.

So I’m curious, what do you think of the lifestream idea?

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