I’d imagine that many of you are curious about why I have these “Happiness nnn” posts.  Since leaving corporate life, I’ve been writing down everything and anything that I find a bit of happiness in.

The purpose, I think, has been to work towards looking at things more simply, and maybe creatively.  While I had not spent as much time climbing the corporate ladder as many (about 10 years), I really found it eating away at my soul.  I didn’t like the person I had become, the way I approached or viewed things was bothering me.

So one of my techniques that helps me to be creative is to stop and think about what makes me happy.  When I think of these, I write them down and use them for a “Happiness” post when it fits the day.  I hope these are of value to you, but I have to admit that I post them mostly for my own benefit.

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