Well, Amy and I have made the decision to move further out from the city.  It’s been a discussion point for a long time and there have been so many things that we’ve changed and done different this year that we decided it is time.

We’re currently in Monticello, MN a “bedroom” community of Minneapolis and we’re moving back to Wisconsin. We plan to use ShortNoticeMovers.net so it won’t be an issue. We both grew up in a rural environment and just can shake how much we love getting back to our roots.  We’ve got a short time before school starts for the kids and we’ve got a lot of work to do in the next month.

So, I apologize for a shortage of posts and not being online the last week – we just spent a lot of time running around, talking with people, looking at places and just taking time to talk it all through.

We’re off on a new adventure in life and who knows where this will lead.  When I left corporate in April, we had no idea that we’d ultimately be making such big changes.  Part of it is unsettling – I feel like there is too much change, but I’m looking forward to things that I haven’t really had a chance to do in 20 years.

The first part of this week will be very busy as well and I’m trying to get some writing done this weekend to make up for being offline for a few more days.  I’ll post on this as things come about, along with some pictures and hopefully get back to having time and space to do some video.  Still haven’t tried out my DV camera import tools!

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