openshareicon-150x150 Its been awhile since I talked about sharing information, so I thought I’d drop this quick post and let folks know where I’m sharing some of the things I’m finding and reading around the web these days.

Google Reader Shared Items

The time tested, sharing features of Google Reader still apply.  Some of this information in my shared items is quick hits, that I don’t have anything to add opinion-wise.  Simply things I think you may find interesting.  Things included span from social media, to gadget/mobile devices, software, opinion/editorials, and cultural/social topics.


I’ve set up a Posterous account, like many folks, and post items I’ve read and may be relevant to folks I know, or that may be in social media professions and have interest in technology as well.  This is a bit more focused than my Google Shared Items.

Reading Lists

I’ve got a number of reading lists for myself and for peers at work & clients.  I currently use three lists, though I’ll try to narrow that down in the future.

Read It Later – This is a list that I use as I find links from Twitter, or from other social media resources.  The topics cover social media in general and a bit of mobile technology.  FYI, this is an RSS feed.

Instapaper – This is a list of things I share for peers at work and clients.  This list is social media specific, and focuses on business use, communications, marketing, PR.  FYI, this is an RSS feed.

FriendFeed – If you want the firehose, this is it.  It’s basically my lifestream of all online services and content.

I also happen to use Google Reader Starred Items though there doesn’t seem to be a way to share that list.  It, of course, is the list of things I have marked for my personal consumption.  Hopefully I’ll get to all of them.

I try not to duplicate shared or bookmarked items, though it could happen.  I hope this helps in your daily reading and information-gathering efforts.  Maybe if I pre-read and filter out the nonsense posts out there, these will be of more value.

What tools for sharing information and links do you use?

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