These services below are a great example of how the Web 2.0 world will look and work. Fully online, no local client needed, multiple browser support, AJAX interfaces, innovative, and FAST. These are a great example of what the future of not just computing, consuming news, but an indication of what all services and interfaces will work.

I’ve been testing out the Clipmarks web service for the past week, and have found it very easy to clip & save web snippets of information. I’ve even had a chance to go back and look something up – it only took a few seconds, instead of looking for some incorrectly named Bookmark/Favorite, or re-searching Google trying to find the same informaton. Can’t wait to see how it helps me find those technical articles for work as well!

Another service I just found today was launched a little over a month ago, called News Alloy. This service is an online, AJAX News Agregator for RSS & ATOM feeds. So far, it is quite interesting – and fast! I’ll keep tabs on these to see how well they work out over time. Thanks to TechMemeorandum for the NewsAlloy link!

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