Moleskine Pocket Ruled Notebook - Black Try as I might, I couldn’t find the post that I thought I wrote about Moleskines some time ago.  I think it was about a year ago a couple of online friends and I had a chance to finally meet and talk in person.  It was a local version of LifeCamp, and it was Jason DeBoer-Moran (@newcoventry on Twitter) and Thomas Knoll (@thomasknoll on Twitter) along with a few more folks looking to organize and prioritize our lives these days.

One of the biggest take-away’s for me from that first meetup with my  now-good friends was the importance of keeping track of thoughts and ideas.  While these guys had been doing this for some time, it was a new initiative for me to keep something close to hand to quickly capture those moments of inspiration.  The best device to record this information seemed to be a simple notebook.

However, I wanted to find something that was as rewarding to write in as the thoughts I was trying to capture.  This is where the Moleskine comes in.  Sure, lots of folks are turning back to these traditional mobile information gathering notebooks – to the point of it being cliche.  The thing is though, I really enjoy these notebooks. They seem to reward the writer with a great feeling when writing in them.

For me in particular, these notebooks bring a sense of permanence to the things I’m writing. They bring a connection to the past, and offer a way to tap into the legacy of pen & paper in a way that the average ringed notebook found at your local big box discount store for 99¢ simply can’t. If you’re looking for it, a Moleskine can’t be beat for bringing another dimension to note taking or journaling. Give it a try for your next journal and see if it helps to inspire and capture the ideas, stories, and things that you’re trying to save.

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