The Wireless Report has an interesting post about mobile and VoIP communications taking over the world.  I agree that the trend is moving in that direction, but what is fascinating to me is how long our country takes to catch up to the rest of the world.  Our providers and the media do a great job of covering up what new options there really are for us to use and move to.  To save money and gain flexibility – it’s only the web-savy “power-users” and folks in the IT industry that are “in-the-know” as it were.

While I find this very disappointing, its good to see these options start to pick up here in the U.S. – and I think the traditional telephony providers are dreading this very trend.  How they will fight it I’m not sure, but I’ll put forth my $.02 and suggest that they simply provide the fastest, cheapest, biggest communications pipe to my house.  That is all I want from them, I’ll find my content places that are focused on content, not as a means to attract me as a broadband or infrastructure customer.

Via: The Wireless Report

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