Yep, this post is going up from Word 2007 directly to my blog. If the blog-posting features of Word are enhanced a bit, I will definitely start using it for major post creation.

The overall quality of Office 2007 so far is impressive. I’ve been testing Vista for awhile, but this was my first look at the Office 2007 betas. Neat stuff, though you can see some rough edges. Performance is OK and should be improved as it approaches release.

Currently, there are no extra features for blog-posting to WordPress, though I do expect that they will start to work on these soon. For example, categories are not supported directly from Word yet, and they claim that the post date is incorrect (I’ll check when I post [UPDATE: The post date was way off!]).

The last time I used an off-line tool to write and then publish a post, it would break my page layout (theme), so I’m hoping that Word doesn’t do this; though I will risk it just to test the functionality.

So far, I am impressed with the current build, the new tool bars are extremely easy to understand and use right away & I think these are the single best improvement to the Office suite.

More on the product later!


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