Windows XP Logo Looks like Microsoft is unfortunately postponing Windows XP Service Pack 3 until 2008.  For me, at least, this was a complete surprise.

The disappointing part is the sheer number of patches that will need to be applied to Windows XP Service Pack 2 machines.  As one reader points out, there are already several dozen patches that need to be applied to a fresh XPSP2 install.

“As of yesterday, if you install XP with SP2 slipstreamed in, you firstly get 2 updates (Windows Installer and WGA [Windows Genuine Advantage, anti-piracy software]) and then a huge 73 critical updates. I dread to think how many updates I’ll have to install in 2008 — and knowing my company, it’s not certain we’ll be on Vista by then!”

Via TechWeb – Microsoft Postpones Windows XP SP3 To 2008

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