Microsoft Office Today Microsoft Office 2007 went “Gold” and was released to manufacturing.  Availability will be on schedule for business and consumer users.

I’ve been using Office 2007 B2TR through September & October with good result.  While the overall layout of the Office suite has changed dramatically for the better from Office 2003, its the ease of use that really starts to stand out.

The product is simply much better for creating visually rich documents than any other office product.  You cannot screw it up, its that simple.  There are pre-configured fades, gradients, lines, shapes, borders, etc… that you can simply click on and have it apply to your selection.

Now, I’ve gotten really good at subtle color use in Office 2003, but it’s stunning what you can do in 2007 – there are actual color pallets that have been professionally matched, so you simply choose the one you like and select a color blend from it.

I’ve said recently that I am moving away from client-side applications, and I’m planning on sticking to that.  But if there is one application that is capable of so many things – it’s Microsoft Office.  And it is one of very few applications that would make me rethink my approach.

Via: Microsoft – 2007 Microsoft Office System Is Golden

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