Super cool – a real newscast delivered by a virtual news crew.  This does have tremendous applications in the future as the technology develops and matures.

Steve Rubel gives a nice perspective and asks one hard question as to how this will impact existing PR pros.

The key question that runs through my mind is this. If a virtual reporter can report the news in a compelling way and it’s all all automated, what does that mean for PR professionals?

What interests me is if this type of news delivery vehicle does become viable, can we finally get the news without the presenters political take on the topic?  That would be a great service to everyone – strait news, no spin by the over-paid hack reading the script.  Of course, a virtual environment such as this could also be programmed to present in a certain way – and the news is only as accurate as the source it comes from.  More to think about on how reliable this system could be.

Still, I find it refreshing and new – hope to use something like this some day.  Read more at Micro Persuasion: Virtual News at Seven

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