Ok, there is this anonymous commenter on the ‘Activation servers overloaded at Microsoft‘ post on Scobleizer that really dishes it out, but fails to link back to anything of substance, or to give an actual name.  I was going to post the following on the comments there, but decided I did not really want to start a flame war in Robert’s comments, so here is my post that I’ll trackback to that post.

Hi Mac User,
I’m glad you have passion for the OS that you prefer – it makes computing fun.

My issue with your long post here, is simply that you posted anonymously.  Without any links to more discussions you may have had on the topic, or to back up your points with supporting data.

Your long-winded post falls on deaf ears if you don’t have the guts  to mention your real name, or point to your site or supporting documentation.

Ugh, I really dislike anonyous posters, they don’t have any credibility, but obviously have a lot of time on their hands.

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