opinion Before I get started, I’m not going to abandon my LinkedIn account – I’ve invested a lot in my profile and believe there is value to the service.

There has been a lot of talk recently about Jeff Pulver’s decision to leave LinkedIn and simply use Facebook as his lone social network.  The problem in announcing something like this in a mainstream business publication like Jeff’s article in Business Week is how general business people perceive it.

While an adventurous few of these users are willing to try these services, the majority are just awakening to online social networking and, of course, find things like Facebook to seem unprofessional.  You have to admit that LinkedIn comes across as a professional-oriented service that is designed to build professional relationships between its users.

This has probably helped cultivate strong feelings about Jeff’s switch…. that and most user’s anxiety to change.  Also, most people work so hard on their professional image (i.e. Personal Brand) climbing the corporate ladder, that they cringe at the thought of using something that may seem less than professional.

Of course, I think the point of Jeff’s BW article was to stir the pot.  Good!

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I can’t help but wonder if this doesn’t somehow tie into Robert Scoble’s announcement that he is no longer answering email?

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