The End of the Line - by BlakJakDavy I’ve been thinking about the content I publish on my blog of late. Personally, I think I’ve let it get a bit messy, and have been working on cleaning it up a bit and thinking of new layouts and such. Currently, I’ve not planned an overhaul of the entire site, but that may happen in 2008 – we’ll see.

Recently though, I’ve started to dislike my “links” post that I try to keep updated every day. It’s hard to keep up, and be selective, sharing quality links in these posts. They’re partially automated, coming directly from my bookmarks. However, is fed by ClipMarks, after careful screening through my Google Reader’s Shared Items.

For the past year, I’ve maintained a Google Reader Shared Items blog. In early autumn 2007 I created a Lifestream that aggregated all my online postings of multiple types of media into one place. Two weeks ago, I discovered FriendFeed which does the same thing, but also brings social interaction to the shared content as well.

With these aggregated or interactive shared streams, I wonder if there is any real point of posting a “links” post every day (or trying to anyway). I’d love to have your thoughts. While it does take a bit of extra effort on my part, it may be of greater value to you… I don’t know, but I’d like to find out.

Share your thoughts in the comments. Do you find value in the “links” posts that I share, or do you find more and better links in things like FriendFeed, Plaxo Pulse, Google Reader Shared Items, or a Lifestream?

Photo credit: BlakJakDavy

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