Windows Mobile 6 - I think I’ve finally stumbled across my favorite Windows Mobile 6 today screen configuration.  At least until I can get a new phone. 😉

I have to admit that I’ve uninstalled all the software that I usually run.  This is not a reflection on the software that I removed at all – I simply am finding that I don’t need such powerful software for the today screen.  So the standard HTC Home plug-in and Windows Live plug-in does the trick.

Also, I’ve gone back to the standard built-in Pocket Outlook mail client.  Combined with GMail’s recent support for IMAP, I’m finding that I don’t need my hosted Exchange account to push mail to my phone any longer.

Also, with mobile support for my favorite online services – I’ve trimmed down the software I need for practically everything.  It’s impressive how much one’s needs evolve over time, and how much services mature and adapt.  It’s not nirvana, but it’s gotten much easier to use a mobile device than in any previous year.

With that said, what phone do you think is the best combination of technology, design and ease of use?

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