So, sitting outside during lunch today led me to think again about the opportunities presented to each of us for improving our working conditions.  It’s not entirely our employer’s responsibility to improve things.

Ok, maybe you don’t have the kind of job where you can walk away from the desk and still get work done.  Maybe you should look for one!  Regardless, many businesses have remote work opportunities via remote access technologies.  Take advantage of them when you get a chance.

There is nothing worse than having the opportunities in front of you and not using them.  Get out there!  Take your laptop, a notepad, your phone or whatever the minimal toolset you need to do some work for an hour and just GO.

Grab an iced latte, take 15 minutes to unwind, and 30 minutes to brainstorm, organize, think, ponder, work, or whatever.  You’ll be refreshed and the 2nd half of the day will go much smoother because of it.  Trust me.

Now go!

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