mobilityKevin C. Tofel has posted a fantastic article over at jkOnTheRun that got me thinking.  The article talks about mobility And how the features of his UMPC have augmented his smartphone.

In answering a reader’s question about what smartphone software he recommends, Kevin talks about how most of the functionality he used on his smartphone simply works better on his UMPC.  I also have noticed a big change in how I use my mobile devices.  Ever since I started using standby and sleep molds, my laptop usage has changed dramatically.

I have found that using standby allows me to get to my desktop faster and with minimal hassle.  Since about February of this year, my laptop has become more useful and I have become more productive.  Unfortunately, this also means that I have been using my smartphone much less than I have in the past.

On my pocket PC I have many software packages installed, but find myself using them less and less often.  For example, I have a blogging client on my pocket PC but rarely use it because it is much harder than using the client on my laptop.  I also have a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse for my device but again find it cumbersome to use.

While I do not have a UMPC device, I have noticed a significant difference in how well use mobile computers.  So how has a UMPC or other mobile computer change the way you use your smartphone? 

 Via: jkOnTheRun – Has a UMPC influenced your smartphone usage?

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