career Wow for a long post title eh?

While this was a follow-up for a question Jeff had on Wednesday, it really started me thinking…

First the question:

If you’re NOT an entrepreneur, if YOU work for a corporation and have spent your career as an employee, why have YOU made that choice?

I suspect that many people either are unaware of their true capabilities, or are comforted by the “feeling of security” a corporation can offer.

Personally, I have chosen to take the other path – for good or bad.  It’s hard to work without a net, but at the same time I CAN SEE the opportunities that did not seem obvious before.

So, I can’t answer Jeff’s question – I simply want to follow the more interesting drummer.

Via: The Jeff Pulver Blog – Today’s Question of the Day: If you are NOT an Entrepreneur and if you work for a Corporation, why did YOU choose this career path?

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