Its been awhile since I’ve posted here on my space – I’ve been very busy with work and am really starting to favor WordPress over MSN Spaces and Blogger (see Rick’s Ramblings and Rickster). There just seems to be more flexibility in both those environments than Spaces has to offer. Especially WordPress – I’ve really fallen for its power and ease of use. The extensibility is fantastic as well. Blogger has some good customization options, and integration with Google’s AdSense program is cool, though I understand Spaces has just added a similar feature.
I guess overall, it just is a simple thing of Spaces seeming to be a "starter" blogging service, and something like WordPress a much more mature platform. I’ll still keep this blog updated periodically, but my main posting will probably end up on the WordPress blog – I may change my domain to point there as well just to make it easier to find.

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