Charles Cooper, a Executive editor at CNET, discusses an interesting point.  One that I’ve seen as well: is Windows still relevant in today’s “web 2.0” centric world?

The answer, of course, is yes.  Charles goes on to discuss a quick history of Windows’ “bundling”/anti-trust disputes.Microsoft Logo  What I find interesting, or more correctly – frustrating, is the attitude with which many companies are taking.  Charles talks about Symantec and Adobe trying to whip up sympathy in the European Union about Microsoft competing with them in their market.

The part that bothers me the most is that these companies, and others, fail to see that the product that was a lucrative niche market 10 years ago, is today’s commodity toaster.  Since AV engines, and portable document formats are a commodity, the are to be expected in the base OS – a base service available at any moment to any requesting application.

These companies simply need to be more proactive, find that new niche.  Look forward and discover those new business opportunities, and develop a business plan to exploit them.  Simply relying on the old tried & true product song & dance.

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CNET – Perspective: Is Windows still relevant?

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