Yeah, so I get an email this morning announcing Mogulus-hosted coverage of the iPhone launch.  So, being interested in Mogulus, I click the link, the page loads and….

Well Mogulus, here is your first problem.  My interest in this link was two-fold, I wanted to see a little bit of the carnage of the Apple iPhone launch, but I was more interested in how your service looks.

Guess what my first impression is!

I mean, I was really interested in the layout, quality, component interaction and so on – of your service, not the iPhone.  I’ll get to see clips from the iPhone launch around the globe and around the web, but it’ll still be awhile before I get to see your service, and the first experience with it left me wondering if you’re worth the hype.  I already know the iPhone isn’t.

Via: Mogulus.comiPhone Launch TV

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