Are you addicted to the ‘Net?  You may be and not even know it.  Then again, it could just be another damn farce that some research-type used to bilk the government into funding some research (and themselves) for a year or two.

At any rate, I obviously use the ‘Net quite a bit.  Considering that I’ve moved to using the web for all my information technology service needs, you could argue that I’m “hooked”.  However, I beg to differ – big shock, huh?  I use the ‘Net for simplifying my life.  I use the ‘Net for information.  I use the ‘Net to streamline.

While I’m using a computing device most of the day, I only use the ‘Net for a little bit a day.  Most of my computer-related time is spent at work figuring out some ridiculous problem, or supporting someone else’s problem (fun – not).

What do you think?  Are you addicted?

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