'The Consultant' by orkboi Have I mentioned recently that I do consulting and implementation work in social media strategy, community development and training?  Probably not as much as I should, but I wanted to include that at the top in this post because I don’t bring it up often.

It’s also relevant to what many people are doing in their role to help their businesses understand how they can use social media.  You see, sometimes you need to induce change and one of many ways is to think like an outsider.

Taking the perspective of someone new to the organization, but with a focus on your task at hand (social media).  How would that new individual go about things?  Will they simply accept “that’s how we’ve always done it”, or would they push to discover a new way?

What if you took that new perspective, one that an independent consultant might have?  How would that change your organization?  You have the ability to stat that today and begin to develop your own independent perspective while maintaining your current role.

I was in IT when I started thinking differently.  For me it became an interest to see what else we could use all that corporate technology for in addition to simply running the company.  There was a growing desire within to start sharing the ideas and exploring how the company could benefit.

Start making change – explore your independence behind the firewall.

Photo courtesy of orkboi

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