opinion The last few days, I feel like I’ve been trapped in an echo chamber, or time warp.  The amount of time that I’ve been spending following the A-List bloggers has gotten me so in a pickle that I’m having problems thinking about new things.  I really need to think without some inputs for awhile.  There has been a lot of talk the last few days about social media, this product, that service, preferences and  opinions.  The sum total really got to me this morning and I was probably a tad grumpy to some Twitter Friends who were commenting on a speaker at Gnomedex.

What I really think is at the root of it is that I’m jealous of their ability to toss comments out, and my reluctance to share my opinion.  I don’t normally like arguments as I believe them to be more destructive than constructive – that’s just a feeling I have while in the middle of one.  My opinion is that open discourse really brings new thoughts and ideas to the surface – which is where I’m at today (so there’s your answer Chris).

What I think is wrong here, is that I’m finally where a number of bloggers have been for quite some time.  The A-List echo chamber.  There is too much of the same conversation going on and it’s clouding my judgement.  In addition, I’m going to go through my RSS feeds in Google Reader with a fine tooth comb to whittle it down to feeds that bring value to me.  Then identify the bloggers that I really think are bringing some innovative thoughts & ideas to the conversation.  These blogs I will visit directly rather than just their RSS feed.

As I develop these lists, I’ll share them & the OPML of the feeds I end up with for anyone who’s interested.

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