Well its nice to see a little common sense prevail.  Check out the news at TechWeb:
U.S. Dismisses Google Complaint, Says IE 7 Plays Fair

I’ve been following this silly attempt of Google’s for the past few weeks and it really disappointed me that they would sink to that level  Google has brought some innovative products to market, and have injected a lot of excitement and attention to the ‘Web 2.0’ world.  But their cry-baby routine about the defaul search settings in a browser that they don’t own simply sours my opinion of the cocmpany.

Hopefully they will not attempt anything more insulting, like litigation about this.  There are so many other areas to focus on, and changing a default search setting in a browser is not going to make/break their search revenues.

Google does occasionally come across like the “big bad” Microsoft many people are concerned about.  While I think MS has turned the corner on that behavior, I’m sure that some corners of the company may still harbor that “attack mode”, if you will.

At any rate, the current squabble is rediculous and is best settled by this US DOJ report.

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