gapingvoid So I just found out that Hugh MacLeod of GapingVoid deleted his Twitter account today. There is bound to be talk far and wide on how this is a sign that Twitter’s popularity is waning. I’m going to disagree with those assessments, but I do know one thing – Hugh says that he “found it too easy”. I’d agree with that – it’s too easy to just Twitter the day away.

twitter I can relate. There are days when I think I’ve wasted too many hours, too many creative ideas on Twitter. I’ve even tried staying off Twitter for a week back in December. I finally think I’m finding the right mix of Twitter attention for myself. However, I can easily understand why anyone would simply leave Twitter if they believed it was interfering with their work.

Hugh, we’ll miss you on Twitter, but I’ll be following up at!

UPDATE: It seems that Hugh couldn’t stay away!  He’s back on twitter.  You can find his Twitter profile here.

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