Windows VistaA big thank-you to Kevin Tofel over on jkOnTheRun for posting this fix for teh Windows Live OneCare 1.5 Beta.

You see, when you run the latest beta of Windows Live OneCare 1.5 with the latest beta of Windows Mobile Device Center, the firewall will block the synchronization ports and application.  The following firewall settings can be manually entered into the Windows Live OneCare firewall to allow Windows Mobile devices to once again synchronize with Windows Vista.

As the self-proclaimed “King of Google Search”, I quickly got the lowdown on the reason why with this thread over at the OneCare forums of all places. Seems as though the Windows Live OneCare 1.5 Beta is overly protective and I had to configure the Firewall with some additional port openings. I also added two of the WMDC executables and one .dll to the OneCare Allowed programs. If you’re a risk taker too, here’s what you need to do:

Configure these ports in the OneCare Firewall settings:

  • port990: open inbound TCP
  • port999: open inbound TCP
  • port5678: open inbound TCP
  • port5679: open outbound UDP
  • port5721: open inbound TCP
  • port26675: open inbound TCP

Allow these files in OneCare:

  • C:WindowsWindowsMobilewmdc.exe
  • C:WindowsWindowsMobilewmdHost.exe
  • C:WindowsWindowsMobilewmdsyncman.dll

These settings worked for my installation and got my MDA syncing again.  Thank you Kevin!

jkOnTheRun: Windows Mobile Device center not playing nice with Windows Live OneCare 1.5?

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