I have to ask. Is Dell over the peak? Are their best days behind them? Have they turned into the big corporate computer loser that seems to overtake all PC companies?

Nothing is a given, and the way Dell goes after sales, ships units, and reports earnings has always made me a little edgy. In my corporate life, I deal with Dell directly, and have never been fond of their sales tactics, or staff. When I’ve had them onsite to answer questions, they are always prepared to sell, not to answer to their current shipping product deficiencies.

Seems to me that its time to find the next PC supplier. I’ve been recommending Dell for years, but I don’t know that I’ll be recommending them for this holiday season to friends and family. Too many variables – and their are more compelling models from Toshiba, Compaq, HP, Asus, and the rest.

Check out the article at PC Mag below, interesting read.

Link to Column from PC Magazine: Has Dell Lost its Way?

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