Lorelle, Liz, Starbucker at SOBCon08 I’d like to take a minute and send birthday wishes to Liz Strauss.  Liz writes over at Successful Blog about blogging and business, and is one of my favorite bloggers on the topic. She has a way of getting people involved, bringing them to engage with others and do great things.

Happy Birthday Liz!

I met Liz before really meeting her, as most of us bloggers usually do. Following her blog, she helped me find a few things that I didn’t know I wanted to do. Liz is one of these kinds of people who you really want to meet, to talk with, to learn from.

Luckily I was able to meet Liz in person at SOBCon08 in Chicago this spring. In classic Liz form, she brought together a fantastic event that really connected bloggers to each other, and has helped form a number of friendships and working groups that would never have had the opportunity to get started without Liz’s efforts.

I want to thank you Liz for all the great conversations you’ve started, for the things you share & teach, for the introductions to folks, for the tips & suggestions, and for making things happen. You’re an inspiration, a teacher, an instigator, an organizer, but mostly to all of us, your a friend.

Happy Birthday Liz!

And I can proudly say, that because of Liz, I’m an SOB!

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