Jon Swanson by Jon Swanson I wanted to write a different post wishing Jon a happy 50th birthday, but he didn’t want that. Instead, Jon suggested 8 ways to celebrate his birthday.  You see, Jon has a way of finding the truth of things and sharing them. He’s brought many of the best ideas forward on his blog, and in person, in a way to make a person think of them in new ways. I always like that.

Jon, you asked for us to try and do one of those 8 things, and I’m glad to say I do two of them every day (makes me think I’m doing better at being the person I want to be than I thought)!  So I see a couple more that I can do today, and will do so in honor of your birthday.

So, Happy Birthday Jon – and thank you for giving us ideas on how to give back.


Photo Credit: Jon Swanson (of course!)

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