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Happiness CDXLI

If we let people who don’t believe in America into America, we will have lost what America stands for.


Happiness CDXL

To be happy, you may need to let go of the things you cherish most.


Happiness CDXXXIX

On my way to a Christmas Party tonight. Guess we may have a white Christmas after all!

Snowy Drive


Happiness CDXXXVII

Impatient with life?

Take Monday off and get up early.

Sit back, relax, watch the day pass by and wait for the sunset…

It’ll help with all the days that follow.

Happiness CDXXXVI

A ride on the river in the evening watching the setting sun cast its glow.

Hudson Glow

Happiness CDXXXV

A ride down a country road across a creek on a small country bridge.

Country Road, Country Bridge

Independence Day 2014

Old Glory, Patriotic Rustic Peeling American Flag, The Stars & Stripes, Red, White, Blue, on Wood

Happy 4th of July!

I absolutely love finding versions of our flag that exist all around the country. I’ve seen this picture many times, but thought I’d share it this year. Finding truthfully represented versions of our flag painted on barns and shops or signs is pretty cool to see. Especially the one’s that have a little age on them. Not sure why, but it makes them even more endearing to me. Maybe it’s because everything on the Internet is just a little to precise, a little to perfect. We all look better with a little age on us.

Happy Birthday America!

Photo Credit: Beverly & Pack via Compfight cc

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