'Big Bubble' by h.koppdelaney's I’m so tickled with myself after getting something done yesterday that I can’t help but post about it.  I finally was able to split out my Happiness series of posts from the main blog feed, populating them on their own page here on the blog.

Longtime readers will remember I started posting almost-daily on things that occurred to me at the time.  Mostly these were a sentence or two on something that made my day, or made me smile, or something along those lines.  I’ve not done many this year (or late last year) because of workload and such.  I also started refraining from posting these nuggets because I didn’t want to dilute the message I am trying to share on the blog.

So moving these posts to their own page was what I wanted to do.  What really made this possible, since I’m not a PHP/WordPress coding guru, was using the Headway Theme.  This great skinnable theme framework let me slice and dice the post feed in multiple ways.  One of them being I can exclude a category from the main feed, and put it on another page.  I know, I know, there’s many ways to do this, but this was within my reach and more importantly… it worked!  Thanks to the folks over at Headway Themes and their support staff for helping answer a couple of questions.  Now I can publish those Happiness posts right to the main blog feed and not worry if their going to the right place.


Photo credit: h.koppdelaney’s

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