I finally got a chance to start using the “Share” feature in Google Reader.  Its very cool, when you share a story/post from a feed in Google Reader, it is added to you’re Google Reader Link Blog.  Mine is located here.

It’s impressive, because it pulls the full post from the original site, and adds a line below the title crediting the original source.  Very neat and very simple.

The  great part of something like a link blog is that you can share what articles and blog posts that you think are interesting.  These shared articles are presented in a simple blog format that changes as often as you want it to.

If you’re currently using Google Reader, start sharing the articles and posts of interest to you – they will automatically be added to your own link blog that you can point your readers to.  Do you have a link blog?  If so, share the URL here, it’d be great to see what others are reading.

Link: Rick’s shared items

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