Google Docs & Spreadsheets Ok, I’ve not talked about the Google “Office” lately, but it sure has gotten coverage lately.  Its good to see that Google has paid more attention to some of their ongoing projects.  With the level of quality Google Docs & Spreadsheets and Google Reader are approaching, I really have to think about going all-web again.

I’ve been using Writely, the service that became the docs part of Docs & Spreadsheets, since about March of this year and am very impressed with the capabilities of online software.  With Writely, I wrote letters, blog posts, reviews, a resume draft, taken notes, and many other documents.  Some I saved as .DOC files, some I printed directly from the service – the point is that the service did everything I needed in a basic word processor, and stored the file for me!

Good stuff, if your looking for simple online tools, check this out.  But also take a good long look at ZoHo Office, which offers docs, spreadsheets, presentations, collaboration and much more.

Google Blog: Better together: Docs & Spreadsheets

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