Pluck LogoSo now I hear Pluck is shutting down their RSS Reader(s).  While I gave up Pluck and other client-side news aggregators in early September, I had used Pluck for a long time.

The rich feature set, ability to share my feed list automatically between multiple computers and browsers was its biggest draw.  Also, I really enjoyed the format, where it plugged into your favorite browser as a side-panel where you could scroll through the list of feeds and click away reading easily through each category.

Since I’ve moved to Google Reader, I won’t be moving back to a client-side aggregator.  I’ve got my feeds in one spot that I can access from practically anywhere.  The “River of news” views, either by category or by date, has won be over.  The ability to quickly scan the most recent conversations is a huge productivity boost.

Still I will miss Pluck, and I have to apologize to everyone that I recommended it to as they will now need to move on to another reader.  My latest recommendation on that?  Google Reader of course!

Via Read/Write Web – Pluck RSS Reader Shuts Down: Consumer RSS Readers a Dead Market Now

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