Is anyone else tired of listening to Gartner Study reports?  Their ability to state the obvious is amazing, even to me.

Every time my employer starts looking at a new technology or a solution, the typical, tired, old Gartner report is trotted out to parade around in front of the execs to demonstrate how useful or cost-affective it is.

Doesn’t anyone else notice that the crap in these reports is not worth the TP its printed on?  I mean, the amount of filler in these documents is silly, wasteful and still doesn’t present the reality of a given technology, solution or company.

And that last one really gets me – companies actually pay Gartner good money to present the (again) obvious information about them.

The only redeeming thing about a Gartner report is that unknowing nitwits in the EIEIO club think their getting valuable information that can’t be found anywhere else; especially from their lowly staff members who live and breath the knowledge supposedly represented in these reports.

If they only knew what these reports are not tell them.

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