I’m starting to finally (after several decades) getting past the idea that I need to figure it all out. Every time I try to do something new, I immediately start “diving deep” trying to solve the first puzzle, problem, or question before moving on.

One of the biggest things I’m learning in project management is that I don’t need to do it all. Moreover, that I can’t do it all or shouldn’t even try. In fact I don’t even need to come up with the idea, just be able to implement it – whatever “it” is.

Its a really difficult concept for me – mainly because I’ve been a great problem solver for most of my career. To get my head around this one concept has (surprisingly for some) taken me an enormous amount of thought.

The reason this was important enough for me to blog about is that it is a key pillar to me taking my career to the next level. The hard day-to-day part will be remembering this fact as I do different things that are outside my comfort level and stretch my skills in new ways

So I’m going to be looking for ways to apply this new found idea, mostly how to apply it to my personal benefit. That has always been a stumbling block for me moving forward. I think that will finally be one less thing in my way.

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