Or something in the site code anyway.  Interesting results in Internet Explorer here on RickMahn.com.  When viewed with IE6, the site’s sidebar is displayed below the last post information (and to the right – that part is correct).  When viewed with Firefox and IE7, the sidebar is in the correct position – so I’m not sure what is causing the issue.

Obviously I’m going to have to comb through the code for the body and sidebar sections to really understand what is happening.  Strange that it renders correctly in the beta version of IE7 and not in IE6.

IE7 however has a different issue. the top banner is displayed while the page is being rendered, then it disappears when the page is just about completely loaded.

Now I can hear all the Firefox users saying “so, what’s the problem” – and I’d like to leave it at that.  However, I do like to have everyting working as it should and I’ll have to admit my main browser (still) is IE, though I’ll admit to using FF on an alarmingly increasing rate.

Anyway – just wanted to let you know that I’ll be working on the sidebar issue to correct the problem. 🙂

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