image FriendFeed just made it on my browser’s link toolbar.  Why is this important?  Because, it delivers on the promise that Facebook seemed to offer to me, but was not able to deliver (like many social networks).  Easy interaction with friends with the ability to simply share relevant information.

I can give you a laundry list of what’s wrong with Facebook from my point of view, but I’ll instead share the big secret of FriendFeed for me.  Feeds.  There’s more – it’s the way you use the feeds.  It’s not another feed aggregator, it’s a tool that lets you bring feeds from your various online profiles and share them with friends.  Yeah, sure, sounds like a “lifestream” right, and yes, you can do that with Plaxo Plus.

However, FriendFeed is different in that, like Twitter, you can view a combined stream of your feeds and your friend’s feeds.  Within this feed, you can comment on anything – it’s fantastic as a conversation starter.  You can see what other people have said about a post, a link, a picture, a news item, etc… whatever someone has happened to share in a feed.

I can’t describe it much better, like Twitter, FriendFeed rocks.  Kudos to Louis Gray for really bringing attention to it.  You can find my FriendFeed here.

Anyway, it’s made it’s way to my toolbar – which means it’s just one click away and not buried in a bookmark menu (like others).  It’s that addicting useful.

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