Ugh, its been a tough couple of weeks and getting around to blogging is actually a task right now. With the amount of work to do at my day job, its been too taxing to find something worth talking about.

That and I’ve allowed myself to get too wrapped up in CSI on Spike after work. Great show, but I haven’t taken the time to sit down and pound on the keyboard.

♫ I come from a land down-under… ♫

Yeah, I’ve got Men At Work playing again – helps me think (weird I know).  Now where are those Dire Straits CDs…

The hardest part of the last few weeks is the lack of concentration when I fire up the old blog, I’m just not able to focus.  Hmm, I do need to write a bit on bluetooth headsets – I’ve yet to get started on my quest yet.  Guess I’ve found something to start on for now.

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