Follow Friday Another Friday, another chance to share some recommendations with you of the folks who really inspire me to do, create, and share.  Rather than put a flood of twitter names in a handful of tweets where I can’t tell you why these folks are great, I’m putting them together here in a post with a bit more about each person and links to their Twitter and blogs (where available).

This week, I’ve listed 5 of the top Women Twitter users in Minnesota.  They’ve got unlimited ideas, knowledge and passion for what they do.  I invite you to follow them and see for yourself how great these gals are.

Erica Mayer Erica Mayer (@ericamayer) – Photographer, proponent of great causes, and producer for WCCO TV in Minneapolis, Erica understands how social media can be used for a good cause.  In the first 4 months of 2010, she’s raised 100% of her Charity Water campaign goal ($10,000) over two weeks before its end date.

Kay Loire Roseland Kay Loire Roseland (@KayLoire) – “Networker and marketer extraordinaire!”  That’s how AgencyBabylon describes Kay.  Search long and hard, but you won’t find a more outgoing and vivacious individual in social media.  Founder and blogger at Shareology, Kay follows the social media happenings in the Twin Cities (and beyond.)

Leslie Carothers Leslie Carothers (@tkpleslie) – Think social media is the sole domain of marketers and PR folks?  Think again, as this ecologically aware furniture industry expert & interior designer uses her social media skills to the her client’s story of their products.  Leslie is also the CEO of The Kaleidoscope Partnership, and author of Furniture Today’s “Retail Ideas” blog.

Meg Gerritsen Canada Meg Gerritsen Canada (@dotmeg) – A true 21st century librarian who understands the power of social media and uses tools like Twitter for engagement with patrons of the Hennepin County Central Library in downtown Minneapolis, MN.  Meg is also co-founder of, an “unconference” style conference which focuses on crowd sourcing the speakers, content and of course the attendees.

Lisa Foote Lisa Foote (@footenotes) – As co-founder of MixMobi, Lisa’s passion around the mobile space allows her to take the lead on demonstrating new media ideas on the go.  Her focus on Mobile + Social + Realtime is unique in my Minnesota friends – she truly understands where things are going in the future.

So there you go, some of the best in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis & St. Paul.  I highly recommend following them all.

Until next week then!

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