"final book progress 5" by rocket ship I’ve been blogging for awhile now, but have been hesitant about publishing a number of posts here on my personal blog.  Originally, I had included many more technology oriented posts, and blogging-related items.  Lately, however, I’ve been more aligned with the “social media” and “personal branding” topics.

I’ve also had two other blogs that I have let slide in to near abandonment, for all the same reasons that almost all other early blogs are neglected.  Too much work, too little time, and too many plans that weren’t thought out all the way.

I’m not announcing any new rejuvenation of these blogs, or of grand plans for them.  The have, however, been on my mind again.  Not in the original way of “if I can just get enough traffic…”, rather I’m now more interested in using them in different ways to express my ideas.  To have different places to write different thoughts and concepts.

With the upcoming trip to SOBCon08, I’ve been again thinking of how best to utilize the platforms that are available to me.  One blog was supposed to be focused on Snowmobiling (Snowmoblog), but is still a great place to talk about all sorts of things outdoors… and who says it has to be winter-oriented all year long?  The other blog grew out of my passion for mobile technology (The Mobile Lifestyle), and would be a great place to talk no so much about gadgets as leveraging mobile technology to enrich life, actually “unwire” more often and so on.

So I’ve got some thought running around in my head.  I’d like to be able to express things that don’t seem to fit on this blog.  I’d like to do more with those sites than simply letting them sit there collecting virtual dust.  Not sure what that’ll be, just kind of talking out loud about them.

Photo credit: rocket ship

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