Racetrack Playa, Death Valley, CA - By James Gordon I’ll warn you up font – this post is pretty much a rant about the blogosphere as it is today. Read on if you want.

I think I have it – the reason I’ve been blogging less these last several months.

It’s the stress. The stress of debate, of the times, of confrontation. That’s what I think I’ve been seeing develop around the blogosphere the last several months. I’d been thinking it was part of the buildup to the super bowl of political events – the U.S. Presidential election.

It’s more than that, however. It’s permeated nearly everything I had been reading and following the last several years. As such, I’ve found less interest in participating in the discussion. Finding most of it to be that very echo-chamber we complain only the A-List participates in. Not true really – it’s top to bottom A through Z.

The same tired topics, the same rhetoric, the same names, the same points of view, the same crap over and over until it becomes nothing more than a manifestation of the joke that the “unwired” population think “web 2.0” is. That makes me both mad & sad.

What’s my point? It’s that I started blogging because it was an outlet for ideas that I couldn’t share at work. It was a way to explore new topics outside the confines of my IT background into new fields of interest. It seems like that period has passed. Perhaps it hasn’t, but to me it appears that way. The tone, while civil, is changing. The conversations among bloggers is becoming debates.

Bloggers I’ve followed for years have developed into just another version of the mainstream media. It makes me wonder if there’s space left to really exchange new ideas and further explore them to the fullest. Instead, I find the same rehashed topics left over from CNN, Fox and CBNC. Oh joy.

Layer the economic issues coming to light in the last week or two and you get a cacophony of “sky is falling” postings from all the usual suspects. What’s worse than amateur journalism without a point? Uninformed, fear-filled, amateur journalism without a point. This point should back that statement up pretty well except that it’s not fear-filled, but rather loaded with disgust. Disgust that people who once came up with and shared new ideas, now can’t help but echo minor variations of the same theme.

On the other hand, some of those same popular bloggers that I used to read with gusto pointed me to the next great resource for ideas and inspiration. Fellow bloggers and writers who labor to share, teach, learn, improve and otherwise give back to their readers. I’m off to the explore and share those ideas and experiences. Bloggers who’ve yet to really get noticed by the who’s who (and maybe one who has) are what I’m looking for, so share some of the ones you know of.

How about you? What’s your take on the state of the blogosphere?

Photo credit: James Gordon (James has an interesting post that accompanies the above photo about the sliding rocks of Racetrack Playa in Death Valley, CA)

Update: Of course, an hour after I wrote this great post I ran across Coarsness Threatens Social Media Growth by Chip Griffin. That’s what I get for not staying on top of my feeds!


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