This was a frustrating experience, but in the end worked out like it should.  I have to admit that the actual migration by FeedBurner to using my Google account went well, and the existing feeds redirected to the new FeedBurner/Google domain that handles them.

The biggest issues for me were the longer-than-expected reader-count anomaly, and the not-so-exact steps involved to redirect the “MyBrand” URLs to the new feed domain.

Finally, nearly a week after move the feeds over, the reader count is approaching where it used to be.  One or two days eh? HA!

Also, it took a bit of digging to find out the real trick to re-enabling the “MyBrand” configuration for my FeedBurner account.  It after getting DNS changes made, and validating the FeedBurner MyBrand configuration, it turns out that you should also disable the service, then re-enable it.  What’s with that?

Anyway, the feeds are finally redirected correctly, both existing ones that folks were using and the links here on the blog.  Sorry for any strange feed behavior in the last week – I totally didn’t expect it to happen.

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